Bars in Four States Now Allow Guns

The gun advocates across America are jumping for joy to see four states (Arizona, Tennessee, Georgia and Virginia) get a chance to carry their guns into bars.  It’s hard to believe that whoever made this ruling has an education and they don’t see the problem with mixing bullets and alcohol.  The law is surprisingly tailored to bars; one of the most well-known places for being robbed. The gun advocates that are so excited about the law know that the law will soon be enacted in their state as well.  But, why would you take the risk of possibly being killed because of this law?  That’s not an exciting prospect at all.

According to the New York Times, there are 18 other states that allow guns in restaurants that serve alcohol.  The saving grace for the nation is that most of us are not aware of that fact.  The most ironic thing about this whole scenario is that you can walk in a bar or a restaurant with alcohol packing a pistol, yet you have to cross the street from the establishment to smoke a cigarette.  And no matter how they see it, a cigarette is not instantly lethal as a gun.

Read more here on this senseless ruling that will more than likely not have a positive outcome.

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