Phony Facebook Thug Catches Beatdown Online (Video)


There’s got to be worldwide applause for this online beat down.  An uncle becomes so outraged by his nephew claiming on Facebook that he’s some sort of thug that he turns on the web cam and sends a message to the world that won’t soon be forgotten.  He could’ve dressed a little better for the occasion, but maybe if his pants weren’t sagging the message would’ve been less effective for the nephew’s age group. (Sorry! just tryin’ to find a way to explain why if the nephew was the thug (online) why the uncle had his pants hangin’ off his butt and no shirt on.)

But getting back to the message, the young man looks as though he has learned his lesson.  Back in the day, it was a badge of great shame for your friends to hear you getting your butt whooped after being outside and committing some great offense like saying the N-word or reaching the house AFTER the street light came on.  But, no one could’ve imagined being beaten ONLINE for the entire world to see. That’s taking butt whooping to the extreme extreme.

But, surely parents across the world will agree that he should be disciplined (in some way) for trying to make people believe that he is involved with a gang and have killed people.  Watch the video! Tell us what you think about the choice of punishment.

You  might just cry when you hear the uncle conclude the ass whoopin with  “Now put that on your f***** wall!”  We gotta give a shout out to the OLD SCHOOL! THIS is OLD SCHOOOOOL! HATS OFF!  -J.C. Brooks

6 thoughts on “Phony Facebook Thug Catches Beatdown Online (Video)”

  1. Isn’t dude a little old to get a whoopin????? I mean really. Knock up side the head yea but. Then again, this seems to be the only way this “certain group” handle things. Isn’t it??? Beating. Guess whatever gets his rocks off. Sad that beatings are the only way (old shool or not) they think will solve problems. How freakin’ ignorant. Ugh

  2. Why do we applaud beating our kids and shaming them before the world? We brutalize our children, shame them into eternity, plaster it across the internet, and wonder why our people are disrespected the world over. How can we cheer this on? How can we support barbarism toward our kids? Clearly the young man needed parenting, but now he is a joke.

  3. There are several post I would like to respond to specifically, but I will respond in general.

    To suggest that African-American kids are the only children who receive corporal punishment is way off base….just go to the Bible Belt…no pun intended and see what happens to kids there.

    The other point is that there is a difference between child abuse and discipline—this was discipline.

    Third–American has no problem shaming African-Americans every day on shows like cops, lock-down etc. as a partial means of deterrence… that is what the uncle was trying to avoid. He probably thought a few people who visits his nephews page would see the video–no idea that it would go viral.

    While I am normally against corporal punishment as the sole means of disciplining a child, I think that it can be appropriate in certain instances (this being one of them). Let me have some of you consider for a moment the costs of bail for a low class felony—$10,000-$20,000–legal fees added on that are double if not triple…furthermore, the costs of committing a crime is terms of future employment cannot even be calculated—many young African-American men are never able to recover from a felony conviction.

    While the uncle used a lot of profanity—this was not “beat down”–the young man didn’t even cry—his feelings were probably more hurt than his bottom….

    But I assure you that this kid will be off to college in a few years because he has someone who cares and loves him and wants him to be at his best….

    If you do not know the challeges that parents/guardians face with racing a young African-American in these times—I would just suggest that you not be so judgmental and let the parents/guardians do what they know best….

    If you the corporal punishment/spanking laws in all 50 states, you can rest assured that the uncle did not violate the law in any single state of this great country!

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