Former Fattest Man Sues British Health System for Obesity

Paul Mason

The British health system, NHS, is in a battle with the man who used to be the fattest man in the world.  He is under the impression that he should be taken care of because he ate himself into a thousand pound body because he wasn’t properly treated and/or diagnosed from what he believes is obviously an eating disorder.

The NHS sent Paul Mason to dietitians, but he feels that they didn’t properly counsel him on how to get rid of the weight, so now he’s suing them.  He claims that they just said “Stop eating!” and that was the extent of their treatment.  But what’s strange is that so far the British government has paid for him to get a life-saving gastric bypass (which knocked him down to half his body weight) and back in 2002 they knocked out the front of his house and removed him from the home on a forklift for hernia surgery which cost a whopping $50,000.  This was in addition to the $3,000 per week being paid for his medical treatment.

Read here to see the big man in Britain and how he’s been using his obesity to get paid.

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