Some are only Lukewarm on the Success of the Man with the ‘Golden Voice’ (Video)

Ted Williams aka the man with the Golden Voice, before and after his newfound celebrity.

The once homeless man gone overnight sensation, hot commodity, Ted Williams, is letting the background checks roll.  They have already come up with nine children (2 boys and 7 girls) and numerous grandchildren, and a 17-year marriage ravaged by his crack addiction, a slew of felonies in theft and fraud. and now he’s in New York City on the Today show, Early Morning Show, the list goes on and on.

The felonies and prison time have all fell out of the cluttered closet of his life as he reveals one thing after another yet he has become the most employable man on the planet right now.  Some people he’s caused trouble like a manager at a National Tire & Battery in Columbus, who told CBS News Williams had become an “ongoing problem.”  He said he would beg customers for money, urinated in front of the store, refused to leave and saw him and his lady friend strip down to their bare essentials (underwear) to change into dry clothes in a rainstorm.   So, his problems with Williams leave him a “little aggravated” over his newfound celebrity.

If someone without “the voice” had come into any office in America with the same background and a bachelor’s degree, they would be in a back of police car for showing up on the property.  Is this a story of God’s mercy and a change of heart on behalf of the American society or a sensational experiment that is sure to end badly?  Listen to the interview with Matt Lauer and Meredith Viera. They sound really scared for Williams.  Hopefully, they will find a sponsor for the man.

-J.C. Brooks

4 thoughts on “Some are only Lukewarm on the Success of the Man with the ‘Golden Voice’ (Video)”

  1. People just really kill me. Everyone has a past. The man had an illness and no one knows what God can do for a person.So what if he has a record, there a alot of people that don’t have a record only because they have’nt been caught yet.Give the man a chance and stop downing him before he gets started.God is a forgiving God and I am glad it is not up to mankind to determine who gets into heaven or we all would be S.O.L.

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