Several Men Sexually Assaulted Disabled Women

This is yet another sick story this week, but there is one redeeming value in it…someone TOLD on the perpetrators!!  The men thought they had gotten away with the despicable crimes, but one of them gave their computer to be fixed and the rest is history.  The men had left a trail of their crimes to be found on the computer.

An anonymous person, who police believe to be the computer tech, dropped off 11 DVDs of what he saw on the computer. Several acts of sexual assault against what appeared to be disabled women.  He left a note on top of the DVDs that said he thought someone should see it.  A disabled man is even in the clique of animals assaulting what may be patients at various locations. 

The man had taken himself out of the wheelchair and got into bed with someone else who was also disabled. The assaults were very graphic and all of them caught on video.

Read more on this crime here.

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