Ohio Banks Hit by ‘Church Lady Bandit’ 11 Times

Columbus, Oh., is really busy this week.  First we start off with the homeless man that is now a celebrity and now a serial bank robbing woman in the area has been apprehended.  According to the Columbus Dispatch (again), the woman dresses up like a church lady and walks up to a teller and demands cash.

The woman, Sylvete Gilbert also known as the Church Lady Bandit, has traded her disguise for a mug shot  now though.  Authorities caught up to the 46-year old woman and now she can  turn in the costume and be herself…in jail.  The woman had been going from bank to bank robbing them and was successful.  But she would do it as a bill came in.  She lost her home, she robbed a bank, her car note was late, she robbed a bank.  It was very simple to her what should be done when one has bills that are heaping up in their home…PAY YOUR RENT/MORTGAGE!

Read more here on the Church Lady  Bandit.

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