Elizabeth Edwards Left Her Children Everything (Video)

Elizabeth Edwards, wife of former senator and presidential candidate John Edwards, died last December with a heavy heart.  While she was battling breast cancer her husband had cheated on her and fathered a child with his mistress.  She separated from him and had the intention of getting a divorce, but she passed before the state’s mandatory 1-year separation was satisfied.

But while she didn’t have any separation of finances and property via a divorce, she made sure that days before her death she altered her will.  The 33-year marriage with the presidential hopeful had been irrevocably broken and obviously her heart was broken too.  She took all her class and distinction to the grave and had the last word at her death.

Not only did she want everything to be given to the children, but she also asked that her oldest daughter Cate be the younger children’s guardian if she was the only surviving parent at the time of her death. John Edwards wasn’t mentioned in ANY way anywhere in her 5-page will.  Well God bless her!  Check out the report here:


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