The Bees Are Dying!

No longer can the incidents going on in nature be considered coincidence or have some kind of scientific logical explanation that neatly clears it all up for us.  When the world’s food supply is at risk, there is something amiss in the land.  We are talking about honeybees dropping dead by the millions.  Yes, I said MILLIONS! The only difference between the death of these bees and the death of the fish and birds we reported yesterday and the day before that, is that no one is stepping in a pile of honeybees.  They are actually dying in captivity and vanishing before the very eyes of the bee farmers.

But, the thing that is baffling this time around is that unlike the birds and fish, there is no neat scientific explanation for their deaths. Scientists are baffled and the scramble is on to find out why the uber important bees are dropping like flies (excuse the expression).  According to the Guardian’s report, they used information from the Apiary Inspectors of America and the US government’s Agricultural Research Service (ARS) to confirm that the U.S. lost a third of its bee colonies.  They did not survive the winter.

In case this sounds like a small matter to you, understand that when we talk about the millions of colonies that have died off in the U.S. that does not include the BILLIONS worldwide.  Which means everything you may eat and wear are affected. So,in case you didn’t see “The Bee Movie,” honeybees pollinate and grow our flowers which grow our food.  Our flowering plants that need the pollination process are the stuff you love: apples, oranges, carrots, sunflowers, and cotton to name a few.  Imagine this planet without COFFEE! We’d have a riot on our hands from that one commodity alone.

Read this extensive report here and see what we are facing if something isn’t figured out to maintain the honeybee population.

4 thoughts on “The Bees Are Dying!”

  1. Waiting on Scientist to figure out what’s going on? Be real, only God knows!!! Man trys to come up with and educated guess to give humans. Bird, fish, bees, soon you’ll see the cattle, bears, whales, etc., humans too!!! There will be a great number of human loss before the return of Christ.

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