Sherri Shepherd Gets Her Man!

Sherri Shepherd with fiance Lamar Sally.

Sherri Shepherd has been known as the man-hungry, hard-up, scaring even Prince away, woman of The View.  It seems like she’s been looking for a man for most of her career–well, with the exception of that time when she was married.  She’s played the role of sex-starved man hungry girlfriend so long, one of her friends hooked her up…and it stuck this time!

According to the LA Times, Niecy Nash’s fiance and Shepherd’s friend, Jay Tucker, hooked the two up.  After nearly a year-long relationship with tv writer Lamar “Sal” Sally, he popped the question to Shepherd the day after Christmas and she accepted.   But not before Sherri’s number one man in her life, her 5-year old son Jeffrey, was satisfied with a proper bribery.

They’re due to marry in August.  Read more details here.

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