Man Blocks Girlfriend from Facebook Page, Results in Stabbing

Shemicka McVey also known as The Facebook Slasher

At what point do you admit to yourself that you have a problem?  Not with the drink.  Not with the smoke. But with the book…FACEBOOK! Some people use it as their domain to their soul. This woman obviously thought her man had a litle more on the page than even he imagined. I know it can be pretty boring in Indiana, but C’MON SON!

The Smoking Gun put the police report up from the incident that, by any measure, sounds ludicrous. In the report, Shemicka McVey, 21, and her boyfriend Maurice Davenport, 22, got into a physical altercation because he wouldn’t let her see his Facebook page.  At one time they were friends, but he must’ve blocked her.  At least I’m praying that she had sense enough to check his page that way first.

They argue and leave their 2-year old upstairs while they travel down the stairs fighting.  Somehow during the argument (which will never be clear because we’re depending on them to tell the truth), she got a knife from the kitchen and he blocked a punch and that’s how she slashed him.  She claims she came after him because he knocked her upside the head.

And here’s a first for me, I really and truly don’t have another word to say on this incident. Get the rest of the story here.

-J.C. Brooks

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