Jokey Joke: Snooki and SNL Snooki Join Forces (Video)

Fake Snooki (Bobby Moynihan of SNL) and Snooki in their "training montage" gearing up for 2011.

MTV always manages to set the bar pretty high for craziness.  Remember that time that guy from Borat, Sacha Baron Cohen, rested his ass on Eminem’s face at the MTV awards?  Well, they haven’t gone that far this time, but they did bring Snooki out of Jersey to help them drop the ball on their New Year’s Eve special.  But, they also invited her Saturday Night Live look-a-like, Bobby Moynihan.

This skit is hilarious whether you’re familiar with Jersey Shore and one of its main characters or not.  You would think that Snooki couldn’t be any more over the top than she is on the show, but then she goes out on a limb and tries to make us laugh.  You gotta love her!  But, you may end up loving Moynihan more.  Check them out:


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