Georgia Woman Stages Ugly Rant Against Eddie Long (Video)


It appears that at least one woman in Georgia hasn’t forgotten about Bishop Eddie Long’s alleged sexual misconduct case.  Apparently, there hasn’t been much action in the lawsuit pending against him by four former young male members of his church who have charged him with coercing them with his spiritual position and/or influence, money and gifts in exchange for sex.  They were supposed to be mentored, but allegedly, they got a little more “encouragement” than necessary. Continue reading

Fashion Historians Celebrate ‘Revolutionary’ African American Models

Some of the African American Models from 1973's Grand Divertissement à Versailles.

Remember the movie Mahogany starring Diana Ross?  She was the talk of Paris with her keen sense of style that came across in her look and later her designs.  It was the exact same setting in 1973 during the Grand Divertissement à Versailles, when the African American female models stepped onto the stage in Versailles and set the town on fire.  National Public Radio reported on the effect their monumental European appearance made on the world and the celebration to be held in New York to commemorate it.

Last Monday, approximately 200 people came out to celebrate those African American women who carved a new day in modeling for women of color at Continue reading

Marsha Ambrosius’ ‘Far Away’ Video as a PSA?


You remember Marsha Ambrosius from the neosoul group Floetry right?  She was the part of the group that did the angelic singing and her partner did the rap and hum sort of style.  Now they’ve both lost weight and moved on into solo careers.  Marsha Ambrosius has the voice of an angel.  Her vocal style–with a fluttering sound that comes through like butterflies flying between notes–is so beautiful one might believe they have been hypnotized as you get caught up between the lines of her music.

Her solo career has begun with a bang!  Her single “Far Away” is a great song with a controversial video.  Continue reading

The Size L-Cup Bra is Here!

Mariah Carey breast sizes over the years.

The American woman is showing off her assets to the world as they stretch out into an L-cup and vie for the largest bra on the planet award. There certainly hasn’t been any surge in weight loss in America or the UK as they gear up for the N CUP.  The superstars out there (that will remain nameless) that could benefit from this size bra are certainly not eating their way into this size cup, but using a good plastic surgeon to get there.

Excess! Excess! Excess! That is what the new L-cup is all about…excessive amounts of breast.  Continue reading

Woman Jailed for Falsifying Documents to get Children in School (Video)

Kelley Williams-Bolar, 40, pleads with judge in case of falsifying documents for children to get better education.

Have you ever heard of someone having to falsify school documents so their children could get a better education?  They live in a zone where the school is terrible and just around the corner and across the street is a much better school.  So, they find someone with an address that falls in that zone and use them as their primary address.  Right?  Heard of it?  Well, now everyone will know about it because of one woman’s plight in Akron, Oh.  She was simply trying to put her kids in a better school, but there’s a twist…according to her family. Continue reading

Forbidden Couple Shot and Killed in Walmart Parking Lot (Video)

Anthony Martinez, 31, and Astrid Valdivia, 13, lost lives in shootout with police.

Sacramento residents were witness to a fatal double shooting of a man and a little girl that were on the run together.  No, she was not his cousin, not his sister, or stepdaughter. They were “together.” They started out in Utah where the girl lived with her mother.  Apparently, he lived with them too. He was arrested for kidnapping, but got out on $25,000 bond and she was put in a foster home.  Continue reading

Two Different Banks Left Open During MLK Holiday (Video)

Have you ever forgot it was a holiday and went to the bank walked inside only to find no one was manning the store?  Yeah, me neither.  But, people in Modesto, Ca., found the doors open and used the honor system.  A concerned citizen trying to make a good impression on her daughter and show her how important it is to do the right thing.

Citibank owes a debt to Heather Breeding.  She discovered the branch was open when she visited their ATM.  She opened the door and not only was that door open, but the door to the teller area.  Continue reading

Chicago Car Salesman Fired for Wearing Green Bay Packers Tie

John Stone fired from Illinois car dealership for wearing Green Bay Packer tie.

Did you see the NFC championship game where the Green Bay Packers whooped up on the Chicago Bears? Well, it’s obvious that the haters at Webb Chevrolet in Oak Lawn, Il., saw it and they were not exactly showing good sportsmanship afterwards.  The next day when one of the guys showed up in a Green Bay Packers tie, the boss ordered him to take it off.  He said “Hellllllllll no!  That’s my team!! IN YO FACCCE!” (loosely translated)

But seriously, according to CBS, the tie that John Stone wore to work really upset his boss, Jerry Roberts, enough to Continue reading