Louisiana Company Slapped with Huge Discrimination Suit

Canal Energy & Services, Inc.

The days of having to go in through the back door or checking for the sign that reads “Whites Only” are supposed to be long gone.  But, Jim Crow is still alive and well and disenfranchising young folks who need jobs.  A company in Louisiana is accused of turning away African Americans for jobs. They see a black person coming and throw a big fat “B” on the application, so Human Resources knows what to do when they receive it.

According to the Louisiana Record, a group has started a lawsuit against Canal Energy & Services Inc., claiming that the president of the company “stated that he did not want to hire African Americans.”  Now it has not been reported how the group found out about this “policy,” but if they have solid evidence the ramifications could be devastating for the company.

Read more here to see what plaintiffs: Sondria Brown, Terris Cramedy, Carlos Gibson, Derrick Mixon, Arthur Mixon, Helen Edwards, Lance Jackson, Darrick May, Derrick McGowan, Preston Murray, Donnell Pigott, Jonathan Lowery, Elvin Pigott, Devon Thompson and Michael Williams are suing for.  They are leaving no stone unturned in this racial discrimination case.

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