NYC City Worker Tows Car and Trashes Parked Vehicle (Video)

NYC sanitation worker pulls snow plow directly into a Ford Explorer.

Only in New York City can you get away with using a tow truck to tow someone and yet trash the vehicle in front of it and keep going. He is pulling and pulling what appears to be a stalled snow plow out its space, but it wants some company. He is pulling this thing into someone’s SUV repeatedly.  But that isn’t the funiest part … some goofball peering out of his window, thought you’d like to see the incident for yourself.

The first thing he does is run and get a camera.  He didn’t run and call 911 or the non-information number, he got his  camera.  He’s cussin and fussin through the whole thing too.  Maybe he is offering the sound effects so he could get top dollar for the video on America’s Funniest Videos.  But he decided to do the right thing and turn it in to the media, but not before uploading to YouTube.

According to reports the accident is on the head of a New York City Sanitation Department worker. Check it out:

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