Az. Inmate Released By Mistake

Since when do jailbirds get a “Get Out of Jail Free” card…by mistake?  The prison system is slippin’.  They have cell phones running ramped in jail and inmates being able to reach people on the outside as though they are still on the outside themselves.  In fact, young men are looking at this revolving door as not so bad.  Some have it better on the inside than they do on the outside, so why not commit a crime that will get them there faster, right? Wrong!

According to local ABC affiliate, Arizona inmate, Daniel Munoz, 25, well, outmate…or recently liberated individual, whatever you wanna call him is out of jail and running like a fox.  Somehow, authorities got his paperwork mixed up and released him.  Certainly, he was sure that he was not supposed to be out and now they cannot find him anywhere.  He is not under the impression that it is better to be on the inside than be on the outside. 

He shot at  Arizona Department of Public Safety officers outside a home in Casa Grande for Pete’s sake.  They don’t know where he is at the moment, but you can bet they’re putting in their best effort on this one.

Read more here on the ridiculous mix-up.

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