Woman Arrested for Calling 911 Over a Bad Manicure (Video)

Cynthia Colston

Fox News is certainly getting a kick out of the latest story out of Florida where a woman called the police on her nail tech.  The manicure she received was not up to par and all hell broke loose.  She was so mad that she called 911 and told them that it was a non-emergency, but she didn’t like the results she got, so it was time to call 911 again…and again…and again…and again.

Cynthia Colston wanted justice and she wanted it from someone other than the deputy that showed up to help.  She said he was not helping the situation and didn’t plan on helping the situation any further than he did.  Allegedly, the nail tech went upside Colston’s lip with a manicuring instrument and she wanted to press charges.  The deputy said there was nothing he could do.

At that point, the incident escalated and she got on the phone to 911 AGAIN! She claims the additional four calls were due to her having to use her knuckles to place the call.  Are you buying her story so far?  Check her out:

Woman arrested for calling 911 to complain about manicure: MyFoxORLANDO.com

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