Juan Williams on Presidential Race Believes Palin ‘Intellectually’ Inept Against Obama

Juan Williams during Fox News panel on 2012 Presidential race contenders.

Juan Williams is a known conservative that has been putting his foot in his mouth for a very long time, but usually it’s against liberals or democrats.  This time, because it was aired on Fox News amongst a conservative round table of his peers, his truth has been translated as a slight to Palin.  But, the whole world is thinking the same thing Williams is thinking, but no one has managed to beat him to this conclusion, except comedians.

The Fox News panel tried to give all of the possible better candidates to run in the 2012 Presidential race against Obama.  One of the panelists even going as far as to say, “All of these guys are better qualified than Barack Obama!”  Williams actually came to bat for Obama saying “Not at all.”  And he didn’t stop there.  He went on to say that Palin is the only one that could command the stage for the race, but she “can’t stand on the intellectual stage with Obama.” Bravo Williams! Bravo!  Check it out:

3 thoughts on “Juan Williams on Presidential Race Believes Palin ‘Intellectually’ Inept Against Obama”

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