The South is Rising Again in Alabama with Re-enactment of Civil War Era Oath

Now that the civil war is over and our President is black, it seems to be of the utmost importance that we relive the prime of the South…according to Southerners.  Last month, we were fighting the Secession Ball that is happening in South Carolina, now here we are arguing the same points to Alabama natives about the same thing…NO ONE THINKS SLAVERY WAS COOL BUT YOU!

The same Sons of Confederate Veterans folks are at it again with their antics.  They try their best to hoodwink everyone into thinking that they have no clue that Civil War re-enactments on the side of the Confederacy is anything less than a celebration of slavery. This time they want to do a re-enactment of the swearing in of President Jefferson Davis from downtown Montgomery, Ala., to the state Capitol on Feb. 19, marking its 150th anniversary.

The boycott, nor rally, have been planned yet, but you know if the NAACP went after the other event, they will surely get on top of this one. According to the SCV, they are not violating their rights or anyone else’s by simply re-enacting a piece of history.  Now how would they like it if we planned a re-enactment of Nat Turner’s rebellion?  That’s just simply a piece of history too.  Read here to see how absurd this whole thing really is.

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