Halle Berry Opens Up About Childhood Domestic Abuse (Video)

Halle Berry talks about the domestic violence in her childhood with CNN.

Halle Berry has been recognized as one of the most sexiest/beautiful women alive, yet she has an unbelievable secret.  She said she suffered from low self-esteem.  The bout with esteem issues started with watching her father beat her mother.  She was a victim of childhood domestic abuse that left her feeling empty and worthless.

But Halle is combatting her past with her involvement with women and children who are victims of domestic abuse and are trying to get out of their relationships.  The center where she is an active volunteer is the Jenesse Center in Los Angeles.  She has fixed up apartments and given clothes and spent time with the children of the center.  It’s something she says helps them, but is also helping her. Check out her story on CNN:

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