Philadelphia Serial Killer on the Loose

Capt. James Clark addresses reporters with Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey behind him.

The city of Philadelphia is under a mass alert from the recent murders that have occurred in the city between November and December.  The crimes are assault, rape, and strangulation.  So far there have been three victims and they are all prostitutes involved in narcotics. 

According to CNN, the crimes are all similar in that the women were beaten and raped before being strangled.  But, Wednesday, Captain James Clark told the city that they had, via DNA results, found that all three murders were related and indeed were committed by a single person, making him a serial killer.  All of the victims were white women.

Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey is fed up and says, “It’s time to bring this offender to justice.”  Authorities have issued a $30,000 reward that can lead to the capture and arrest of the assailant. Check out the latest report from Capt. Clark below.

There were other women who were assaulted, but were able to get away.  The description they gave of their attacker is of an African-American male in his early 20s, weighing between 160 and 170 pounds. Now! Philly’s Finest! Before you start this witch hunt and giving out $30,000 to the first person who can produce someone of this description, please think before you act.  There are at least a million people that fit this general description. We don’t wanna catch Antoine Dodson up in Phillly screaming, “Hide your brother! Hide your cousins! Hide your daddy!” You get the gist.

-J.C. Brooks

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