‘Google Street View’ Catches ‘Dead Girl’ and Other Non-Street Images

If you don’t know by now, you’re always being watched.  The government hasn’t put a trace on your footsteps though, it’s Google. Google Street View provides, well… street views –in the U.S. as well as all over the world– for the places you’re going or would like to virtually visit.  But, in the process of capturing views of streets all over the world, they’ve also managed to obtain images of “other things.”

According to MSNBC, a japanese woman is suing the well known search engine company for capturing her undies on her clothesline.  She has obsessive compulsive disorder and seeing this online made her believe that she would be in danger of being pursued by sexual predators.  She’s suing for $7,000 and Google has removed the image from their site.

But in addition to her mishap, they also caught a naked man in the trunk of his car in the driveway to his home in Germany and what people thought was a dead girl on the side of the road in London.  The girl had fallen while playing and decided to stay there and play dead. Google filmed the street with the 9-year old laying face down on the street unresponsive.  Read here to see what you can do if you get caught in a precarious position by Google.  Also, check out the report on the dead girl.  You would’ve believed she was dead too:


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