Baltimore Man Killed by Stalkers from Local Lounge

Ellison McCall Jr. was possibly killed by stalker assailants.

A senseless crime committed in Baltimore, Md., is being investigated by police to find out who committed the crime, but also what the possible motive could have been. According to Baltimore’s local CBS affiliate, WJZ, the young man had only come to Baltimore one year ago from New Jersey.

Ellison McCall Jr., had taken a part-time job at the Haven Lounge –a small lounge near Morgan State University where a controversial murder of a councilman occurred two years ago– because he was laid off from his job as a crain operator.  His neighbor said,” He would always come out here and speak to me, cut my grass, go to the store for me, anything. Anything I wanted him to do, he would do it,” said his neighbor.”

The only possible motive the police department has come up with is that he had to remove some men from the lounge when they became unruly and they possibly stalked him and followed him home.  McCall was then beaten and doused with gasoline and burned up in his home.  No one can make any sense of it. Hopefully, his assailants are caught sooner than later.  Our condolences go out  to his family.  Rest In Peace.

Read more of the details of the case right here.

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