Video: Newest Terrorist Plot on U.S. Soil Strikes Food

The U.S. is the largest food consumer on the planet.  We have several options in each food group at the grocery store and if we don’t like what’s there, we head over to a fast food restaurant.  Well, a lot of people may get a little more careful about going out for food if they have to weight the possibility of the food being poisoned, which is much different from experiencing a bout of food poisoning.

Monday, CBS News revealed a “confirmed” terror plot in the U.S. that threatens to poison our food.  The target for poisoned food is in various restaurants and hotels all during a single weekend.  “A key intelligence source has confirmed the threat as credible,” reported CBS. The poisons they say may be used are ricin and cyanide.  Both are drugs that if ingested are lethal. 

The terrorist group behind it is still al-Qaeda and the report included the fact that they are possibly manufacturing the poison and it is relatively easy to make.  An expert showed what a fatal dose looked like and the dose is not big enough to be detected at all.  Check it out:

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