To Marry or ReMarry, That is the Question

Every couple years, the media tries to stun us with the staggering amount of divorces that are occurring throughout the United States.  If they can’t get you with those numbers, they hit you with how many women are single by ethnicity and/or age. But the newest surveys gives a little twist to previous reports. The natives are restless and cohabitation is beating out marriage by leaps and bounds.

The New York Times reports that two recent studies by the Pew Research Center and another by the National Marriage Project at the University of Virgina, showed that the rise in cohabitation has doubled from 1990 to more than six million households in 2008. Folks are getting sick and tired of the institution of marriage and opting for the more Oprah outlook on relationships.  Let’s simply say we’ll stay together.  Should there be more to it than that? If someone wants to commit, they will do it…paper or no paper between you.

The step family expert in the New York Times report indicates that the woman is less likely to remarry and she also seeks more power in her relationship if she does remarry. It should be no surprise that women are more reluctant to marry than men.  There is a certain submissive and service element that men don’t normally take on in the relationship and women are not catering to anyone the second time around.  He had better go get HER some coffee and run her bath or it appears that they will not cohabitate or anything else.

Read the rest of the report here and weigh in.  Do you think it’s necessary to get married anymore? Is marriage really becoming an archaic tradition that we can do without or are we much better off because of the sanctitiy of marriage?

-J.C. Brooks

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