Hip Hop Palaces Revealed

Pharrell in his $14 million palace

Some of the most beautiful homes in the world belong to hip hop superstars.  MTV Cribs is one of the places that shows off these astonishing hip hop palaces, but there’s some information that goes missing.  Did you know Common owns properties throughout Chicago?  Plush high rise apartments too.  They are tricked out with the popular chrome appliances and if you are an east coaster, you might find them quite reasonable…but they’re in the midwest.

And speaking of the unthinkable price tags, did you know that Lil Wayne sank $14 million into a hip hop palace in Miami Beach that is anything but hip-hoppish.  It’s actually one of the more reserved kingdoms.  Go figure!  There’s other hip-hop giants that have exactly what you think they would have in their home.  But, Pharrell may have the most impressive cartoon characters throughout his home.

Check them out here.

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