High School Basketball Star Suspended for Cursing

Corey Edwards

Some schools have to have metal detectors and pat downs, but not at Christ the King Regional High School in New York.  At this school, you so much as curse and you are getting dealt wit!  They have such a strong commitment to that policy that they had to put their star basketball player on suspension…for a month!

That sounds excessive right?  And they didn’t even reveal the word(s) he, Corey Edwards, used.  We could more easily weigh the crime had we had that information.  Now if he went for the gusto and used the 12-letter bomb, okay then…ummmmm…NO!  There just seems to be absolutely no reasoning for such a punishment.  And did we mention they lost their very next game after his suspension?

Serves them right! Read more here.

One thought on “High School Basketball Star Suspended for Cursing”

  1. The young man’s suspension is understandable. Christ the King Regional High School is a private, CHRISTIAN school. What’s not understandable is how the author of this blog post thinks the punishment is too harsh. The author seems to think winning ball games is more important than instilling character and discipline in our children. With attitudes like this, it’s no wonder the black community is in crisis!

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