L.A. Serial Killer Case Has LAPD Asking for Help

The monster that was arrested last July for killing 10 women has more trouble on his hands with the new expanded investigation launched by Los Angeles authorities. They call the case the Grim Sleeper serial killer case and asked for the public’s help in identifying women from 180 photographs recovered from his home over the summer.

Lonnie David Franklin Jr., 57, has probably seen his last sunshine after being apprehended for murders that date back to 1985, according to CNN.  But, just in case, they’re sealing his coffin with the positive identifications of the women that were found in the pictures in his home.  So far, the women that he killed and that show up on the photos are predominantly black women who worked as prostitutes.

While the police may be trying to add more time to his sentence, others may benefit in another way.  People have been looking for their loved ones over the years and this may help them find closure if indeed they show up in the photos held by this freak of nature. Read the full story here.

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