Video: Can Holocaust Be Considered a Game?


Some members of the Jewish community may find the new video game “Sonderkommando Revolt” revolting.  But, one thing for sure SOMEBODY’S going to buy it.  The game allows the player, a prisoner in a concentration camp, to break free and exact a little jewish justice on the Third Reich. The game may meet with controversy, but did you know there are more of these types of games?

This particular game has been done before.  According to MSNBC, the Japanese made a game in the 1980’s called “1942”, and they didn’t even make themselves victorious.  In a truly entrepreneurial, contemporary, capitalist style, they made the game so that you play as an American soldier “bombing the japanese fleet.” There’s also another World War II game titled, “Call of Duty: World at War”. In this one you’re a Russian fighter whose town is destroyed by Germans. In that one, you can (as an option) kill Nazis after they have surrendered.

But, guess which one hasn’t come out yet.  You got it! “U.S. Slavery: 1600”!  There may be controversy from some, but I know at least 100 people who will be buying a copy of that.  Can you imagine?  Willie Lynch practices…in reverse?  Check out the new Israeli Holocaust game. (note: kinda graphic…in a 1980’s game kind of way)

-J.C. Brooks



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