Secret Santa on the Loose in Kansas City

This time of year is always difficult for a lot of families trying to make their Christmas quotas with their children, but this year of economic downturn and mass unemployment is especially troublesome. But Kansas City, Mo., is getting a little help from its Secret Santa.  According to the Associated Press, he’s already started overwhelming the city with love. Santa comes out annually –also anonymously– and hits the streets with bundles of $100 bills in his pockets.  And if his pockets weren’t big enough, he has an elf along with him to help out. 

One woman Bernadette Turner, 32, is a single mother with two small children.  She’s unemployed and had planned to give her children one gift a piece when S.S. rolled up on her in a store and hit her with $200. Then, the elf came up from behind and hit her with another $100.  Christmas completely changed for her and her small family in ten seconds flat.

Peggy Potter, 59, was in the store looking at framed prints when Santa got her.  She was overwhelmed before he could even give her any money because she had shared with him how she had just buried her son just over a year ago, her husband last year and her daughter before him.  Needless to say, she needed that $200 that day.  She had been having trouble paying for the funerals.  Can you imagine if Secret Santa became a nationwide thing? There’s a million stories out there just like theres waiting for a miracle.

Read more here about this extraordinary act of kindess.

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