L.A. Clippers Owner Heckles His Own Players

Baron Davis of the L.A. Clippers

The NBA, its players and essentially, everyone in the sports world have had a little too much leniency with a certain team owner.¬† He’s been allowed to run amok to the point of even heckling his own players.¬† But, the issue runs a bit deeper than the heckling. He¬†was ordered to pay “the largest monetary payment ever obtained” in a discrimination lawsuit against him,¬†according to Yahoo! Sports Don Wetzel.

Donald Sterling, the owner of the L.A. Clippers,¬†agreed to pay $2.73 million in early November to settle a federal discrimination case against him that¬†alleges “he discriminated against blacks, Hispanics and families with children in renting apartments in greater Los Angeles.” The settlement¬†is¬†waiting for approval from a federal judge. He owns the apartments with his wife in Southern California. Not only that, he also paid an unprecedented amount due to yet another discrimination case against him four years ago, plus $5 million in the plaintiff’s legal fees.

NOW! Let’s fast forward to his behavior in the basketball arena.¬† Because he owns the team, he thinks he¬†literally owns the players¬†and his behavior reflects it. He sits on the sidelines heckling his players, but his latest focus has been on Baron Davis.¬† He’s been saying things like: “Why are you in the game?”¬† “You’re out of shape!”¬† Now, why would anyone want their team, that they pay out of their own pocket, to do bad?¬† Wouldn’t you think they would encourage them from the sidelines?

It seems there may be¬†a racist in our midst that has the money to throw at all his problems and make them go away.¬† Shame on the media for not making a public mockery of him and his antics. Read more here on his mission to make Baron Davis’ life a nightmare.¬† Davis has one of the largest contracts¬†on the team with nearly $42 million over the next three years left to be paid to him.

-J.C. Brooks

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