New York Theatre Celebrates 40 Years

There’s a whole lot of applause and happiness for a New York theater boasting 40 years strong in the community.  The area’s children (all grown up now) can show their love and appreciation for one of the safe havens of the neighborhood.  The chance to have this type of activity available for so long in the inner city is a real accomplishment for the recipient and founder.

According to the New York Daily News, Carl Clay started the Black Spectrum Theatre in Queens, New York during the riotous 1960’s, when many dreams that the African American community were having were just being born. The time when people could dare to begin to make those dreams a reality.  Clay is responsible for that. Not only had he realized a dream for himself, but the dream of many aspiring actors in the black community.

A gala was given on behalf of the Black Spectrum Theatre and Melvin Van Peebles was on hand to deliver awards and congratulate the man behind it all.  The theatre “has now performed more than 6,000 shows in the city and along the East Coast, produced more than 25 short films on issues affecting teens and trained between 3,000 and 4,000 young people in its youth theater programs,” Clay told Daily News.

Read more here on this man’s beautiful work.

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