Black Mass. Serial Killer Faces Yet Another Life Term

Alfred Gaynor

It really is a good thing that Massachusetts doesn’t have the death penalty.  This animal they have in lock-up for killing four women in the late 90’s has confessed to more murders.  The violence he inflicted on these women was beyond simple robberies that he claimed motivated the crimes.  They were diabolical in intent and in the way they were carried out.

According to Fox News, Alfred Gaynor would rape, rob, and strangle his victims then position them in a horrific way for their children and/or whoever discovered them to see.  Now he’s confessing to the murders of his nephew’s girlfriend and child.  The nephew, Paul Fickling, has been incarcerated for the crimes for 14 years, but Gaynor wanted to wait until his mother (who was his biggest supporter) died to come clean. The betrayal of that crime is so deep it’s as if he also murdered his nephew.  

Gaynor would claim that these crimes were started by the mutual hunt for crack with these women.  But these do not in any way sound like the actions of a simple “crack head.” They were heinous, disgusting crimes committed that crack heads wouldn’t even have time to commit because they’d keep hunting for the drug and drug money.

Gaynor is serving his eight life sentences in a maximum security prison.  He even had the audacity to try and draw and sell his pieces online.  He better pray they keep him behind bars because there’s some folks that want to have a few words with him…and I do mean few. Read here if you can stomach the details of this animal’s crimes.

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