Man Gives Up Football Career for Dream Job as Train Conductor

Keith Fitzhugh, train conductor

This guy must have always known what he wanted to be when he grew up.  Talk about vision! He stepped up and what people thought would be an acceptance speech was a decline to play in the NFL. He had what some might call a once in a lifetime offer.  But, he had to remain true to himself and his family’s needs that aren’t completely financial.

Keith Fitzhugh finds the works that he does quite rewarding and exciting, so much so that he didn’t want to give it up to play for the New York Jets.  During his interview with CNN, it was evident that he has a passion for his job working as a train conductor and he talks about the trains as it were his woman.  It seems that he made the decision effortlessly when thinking of his love for the job, but also the love for his parents who are experiencing troubles as his dad is disabled.

Check him out. That is a great young man right there!

-J.C. Brooks 

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