iPhone Thefts on the Rise in D.C.

The District of Columbia is looking at a sudden drive in iPhone snatching.  Either there’s a group of bandits out there that want to steal the technology from those who can afford it and give it to the technologically challenged or sell them on the black market.  Either way, no one better get caught watching tv, sending a text, looking at pictures, while walking down the street or you will get JACKED…in D.C.!

TBD,reports that Ms. Friendly, got a little distracted by her phone when she had her phone snatched.  The Apple store couldn’t help her, nor the police.  The phone has been as hot as a fresh pair of Jordans in the ’80s.  Since the phones have been getting jacked, people really want to subscribe to the little gps tracking thingy that NOW comes standard in the iPhone 4.

Read more here on D.C.’s vanishing iPhones.

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