Video: Tonight Oprah Gets Emotional About Gayle with Barbara

Oprah has been fulfilling a lot of folks’ dreams over the last 25 years of her show, but now it’s time for her to focus on herself.  Tonight on ABC, Barbara Walters will prove that is not so easy a task for Oprah to pull off.  Good Morning America sat with Barbara Wednesday morning to give us a glimpse into the personal interview titled, “Oprah the Next Chapter”. It becomes quite obvious that she’s not so comfortable when the focus is on her, especially when dealing with inquiries about her BFF Gayle King.

The relationship between the two has been frought with innuendo of homosexuality for years.  The media maven has not been able to shake the rumors no matter how many times she refutes them.  But during her interview, she tries her best to finally put a nail in that coffin and discuss the importance of their relationship.  She even has a moment of weakness when discussing her dear friend.

Oprah will launch her new network, OWN, January 1, 2011, and start a new chapter that will undoubtedly be quite a very scary venture even for someone as accomplished in the media industry as she has become. She will talk about how the idea began and many other things…even Stedman.  The interview will air on ABC at 9PM EST.  Check out a snippet of the interview.

-J.C. Brooks

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