Ivy League Drug Ring Busted!

Drug dealing Columbia University student Michael Wymbs being arrested early Tuesday morning.


One of the largest drug busts in New York didn’t happen in the Bronx, nor Harlem or up in Brooklyn this week, it happened on a college campus.  But not any campus, the Ivy Leagues.  The students at Columbia University are in a state of confusion after finding out that several of their classmates were running what authorities call the largest drug ring on a New York college campus they’ve seen in “recent memory.” According to CBS/AP, five students have been arrested and charged with drug trafficking.  These poor wayward youth used affording tuition, books, and housing at the $55,000 per year institution as their excuse. And that is why we take the time to say, “C’MON SON!”

Christopher Coles, Harrison David, Adam Klein, Jose Stephen Perez and Michael Wymbs were busted in “Operation Ivy League” for selling liquid LSD laced Altoids and SweeTarts, marijuana, cocaine, Ecstasy and prescription stimulants.  The university’s fraternity row on 114th had been turned into a “virtual drug supermarket.”

The five drug dealers plead not guilty to multiple drug dealing charges and are being held on bails ranging from $20,000 to $50,000. Read here for more details on a case that proves all Ivy Leaguers aren’t smart enough to get busted for white collar crimes.

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