Second Black Golfer to Earn PGA Tour Card

Joseph Bramlett, 22, PGA Tour Card recipient

The PGA Tour had not completely opened up to minorities until Tiger swung his “Cablanasian” self through the doors over a decade ago.  Now another has come along to possibly walk in the footsteps of Woods or exceed them.  According to the AP, he’s only the second professional golfer of “black descent” to earn a PGA Tour card.

Joseph Bramlett, like Tiger, also attended Stanford and the 22-year old is watching his dream come true. He told reporters about his achievement saying, ”Like I’ve said before, it’s been a long time. I’m just thrilled to see it start to change.”

It appears that Tiger will finally have a little competition out there.  Woods Twittered: ”Congrats to Joe Bramlett for making it through Q School” and ”Amazing feat considering he sat out a whole year with wrist injury. Can’t wait to play with him next season.”

Check out the details of his qualifying score here.

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