Indian Couple Honeymoon in South Africa, Wife Murdered

Shrien Dewani and his murdered bride Anni Dewani.

An Indian couple who thought South Africa would be a great place to honeymoon ended up in the middle of a murder and investigation.  The cab driver they used said that there was a little foul play involved though.  According to NewsOne, the husband was implicated by the cab driver as the orchestrator of the murder. 

The husband, 31-year old Shrien Dewani, was married to Anni Dewani, 28, two weeks before they went on their honeymoon.  Both of them were from Britain and Sweden, respectively.  The testimony from the cab driver, Zola Tongo, is still heresay though until they find something to implicate the husband.  The cab driver still received 18 years for his part in the crime.

There’s supposed to be two others that were also involved in carrying out the crime, but they have not been apprehended.  Read more on the case here.

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