Google Wants You! To Run Only Laptop of its Kind

Google is so happy about its latest accomplishment they can’t contain themselves. Their new laptop is here!  The funny thing about the laptop is that it does not have a hard drive.  They explain that the computer would need to gather resources from the web. Now that is all fine and well, but the thing that has people talking is that they give you a link to click so you can get in on the free laptop. Yes, they are  offering you a chance to  get in on a test run of their new laptop. 

That’s right! They want you. They are recruiting anyone who might wanna take it for a spin.  The Chrome OS computers will have a 12.1 inch display screen, a standard-sized keyboard. They have also teamed with Verizon to provide wireless or Wi-Fi hot spots for the computer where no access is available. The cost is set to start at $9.99 per month with no long-term contract.

Read more here to see how Google is preparing to change the game with the Chrome OS.

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