Video: SNL Presents Diddy’s Newest Protege’ ‘Blizzard Man’…and His Mama

Ok…this one is one for the books! What the heck do you make of Diddy’s producing skills after you see him promote the worst rapper to ever hit a booth?! But, it still works out for him…as it always does.  But let’s get to the creepy stuff!  The little scene between Robert DeNiro and Diddy makes your skin crawl.  DeNiro is the man and that’s what he should remain because he makes the ugliest woman …well next to Wesley Snipes in To Wong Foo! Whew! Talk about uglay!!  Where was Shug Avery when we needed her then?

This skit will make you wonder Whyyyy?  What is the point? It just makes your skin crawl to see Robert DeNiro dressed as a “round the way” mama of P. Diddy’s latest protege’, Blizzard Man.  You will be grossed out first and enjoy later.

-J.C. Brooks

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