Prison Cell Phones and Charles Manson Equal Big Problems

Cell phones seem to be a staple in our society that not even prisoners can do without.  But now the problem is that somehow, infamous serial killer Charles Manson has gotten hold of one.  MSNBC reports that he made calls and texts to several states including California, Florida, and British Columbia.  Who would’ve thought Charles Manson had gathered enough brainpower to learn how to use a cell phone.

But, he’s not the only one.  The problem with inmates and cell phones has grown to be such a a problem that President Obama had to pass a bill making cell phones illegal in prisons. Problem is that the law doesn’t extend to state prisons where people like Manson are held. The problem has grown from just over a thousand phones being confiscated to nearly 9,000 phones being confiscated over the last two years.

Who the heck would’ve accepted calls from Charles Manson? Probably all the poor souls that answered when he called. Surely, they didn’t think it was really him on the other end.  Can you imagine what they’re thinking now after the reports have come out about his phone? (spooky music)  Read more here.

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