Unicorn Spotted in China

All of the fantasy tales that spoke of unicorns and dragons and other fantastic creatures must be retold and/or given a disclaimer that reads, “Some items of this story may be real…and we’re not talking about the dragon.”  But in most of our fairytales, unicorns are one-horned horses, right?  So, can a cow be eligible?

The unicorn that has been spotted was in the form of a cow in northern China’s Hebei province.  So, what do you think? It qualifies as a unicorn or no?  There have been numerous spottings of unicorns over the years, according to AOL News.  A type of antelope, gazelle, and the narwhal all appear to be one-horned, but not the I.D. of the unicorn we have in our old fairytales.

Check out these creatures here and see if you think that it is possible that unicorns once existed or if they’re back…and toting teets.

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