Jokey Joke: High School Football Players Spoof Glee and Bey (Video)

A high school football team in Indiana that was hard up for cash decided to enter a contest and perform the popular show Glee’s rendition of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.”  The guys didn’t even wait to take off their uniforms.  They just waited for their musical instruction and went to work on the field.  Some of them belong to the rhythmless nation, but for the most part they did a good job.

The Decatur Central High football team’s video was played at Lucas Oil Stadium where they won $300 “for being the best video produced among the eight schools competing at the Hoosier Classic,” according to Yahoo! Sports’ Rival High.   After that the losing streak they had been experiencing was also miraculously lifted and they won three games in a row.  Check them out as they try to get Bey’s moves … while wearing jerseys, tight pants and jock straps.

-J.C. Brooks

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