Homeland Security Seize and Shut Down Rap Sites

Remember the single mother who was ordered to pay $1.5 million for downloading songs online?  Well, she was just the tip of the iceberg that some popular hip hop sites have crashed into.  Last week, Homeland Security seized more than 80 websites for “alleged copyright and trademark violations”, according to CNN.  They are trying to crack down on the fashion and music that is going out into the world either free or wholesale without the permission of the artists or designers.

The two sites noted in the report were popular hip-hop blogs OnSmash.com and dajaz1.com that are now covered with the badges of Homeland Security, National Intellectual Property Rights, and the Department of Justice.  The border around the shields is labelled “seized.”  They are doing a virtual shutdown! No yellow police tape, but still scary. They have literally been issued a online warrant and now are at a cease and desist status.

Now that the major record companies are heading down the tubes, the independent distributors are getting help from Homeland Security (which was formally our U.S. Customs service) to keep money flowing into their pockets for the work they have done.  They have managed to circumvent the big record labels that were stealing mounds of money only to jump back into the pot with these hip hop websites. Some of the websites have used

Read here to find out just how much time they’ll throw at you for the downloads you’ve made to date if the bomb called Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act (COICA) drops.

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