Reports Show African American Men Enjoy Fruity Drinks As Much As Women

No man wants to walk up to the bar and order an Apple Martini or a Fuzzy Navel, but why not?  Men drink all flavors of kool-aid, but once liquor is involved the urge for color and flavor is supposed to leave. Yeah right!  The time for shame over your fruity drinks at the bar are over. Everybody is drinking all types of liquors.  They’ve even broken it down ethnically. Continue reading


Since more and more Seniors are texting and tweeting there

appears to be a need for a STC(Senior Texting Code). If you

qualify for Senior Discounts this is the code for you:

Please pass this on to your CHILDREN and Grandchildren so

they can understand your texts.


ATD: At The Doctor’s

BFF: Best Friend Farted Continue reading

Louisiana Company Slapped with Huge Discrimination Suit

Canal Energy & Services, Inc.

The days of having to go in through the back door or checking for the sign that reads “Whites Only” are supposed to be long gone.  But, Jim Crow is still alive and well and disenfranchising young folks who need jobs.  A company in Louisiana is accused of turning away African Americans for jobs. They see a black person coming and throw a big fat “B” on the application, so Human Resources knows what to do when they receive it. Continue reading

Octomom Home Faces Foreclosure, Porn Mogul Reaches Out to Her

Nadya Suleman, also known as the OctoMom, stays in the news for one reason or another.  The news never seems to change.  Always the same theme, finance and babies.  But, there’s a slight difference to her financial problems this time around. The porn industry is very interested in her coming to work for them. They are being quite enticing by offering the money for her bills. Continue reading

Pastor Caught Breaking in Member’s House Christmas Eve (Video)

Pastor Sandy McGriff of South Dallas...who likes to steal.

It seems it must be getting harder and harder out here to be a pimp … I mean pastor.  They are having such a rough time with all of these charges being levied against them from one thing to the next. 

Now we have one that is breaking an entering on her own member’s home. She must not have tithed properly or something.  Why would the pastor be all up and through this woman’s belongings; on Christmas Eve no less.  Well, let’s see.

First of all, Pastor Sandy McGriff, 52 of a south Dallas church is also Continue reading

Az. Inmate Released By Mistake

Since when do jailbirds get a “Get Out of Jail Free” card…by mistake?  The prison system is slippin’.  They have cell phones running ramped in jail and inmates being able to reach people on the outside as though they are still on the outside themselves.  In fact, young men are looking at this revolving door as not so bad.  Some have it better on the inside than they do on the outside, so why not commit a crime that will get them there faster, right? Wrong! Continue reading

NYC City Worker Tows Car and Trashes Parked Vehicle (Video)

NYC sanitation worker pulls snow plow directly into a Ford Explorer.

Only in New York City can you get away with using a tow truck to tow someone and yet trash the vehicle in front of it and keep going. He is pulling and pulling what appears to be a stalled snow plow out its space, but it wants some company. He is pulling this thing into someone’s SUV repeatedly.  But that isn’t the funiest part … some goofball peering out of his window, thought you’d like to see the incident for yourself. Continue reading

Woman Arrested for Calling 911 Over a Bad Manicure (Video)

Cynthia Colston

Fox News is certainly getting a kick out of the latest story out of Florida where a woman called the police on her nail tech.  The manicure she received was not up to par and all hell broke loose.  She was so mad that she called 911 and told them that it was a non-emergency, but she didn’t like the results she got, so it was time to call 911 again…and again…and again…and again. Continue reading