South African Ad on Domestic Abuse Unbelievable

The domestic abuse ad you are about to see is out of South Africa and produced by a South African advocacy group called People Opposing Women Abuse (POWA).  The ad they put together is disturbing, but true.  It is yet another example of how people don’t get involved in domestic disputes to the, sometimes, demise of the person being attacked.

POWA provides statistics that are staggering.  Across the screen toward the end of the ad it reads, “Every year 1400 woman [sic] are killed by their partners.”  After the ad concludes you will see why.  The team sets up a set of drums in a townhouse in Johannesburg and a guy begins to play, but he is soon stopped by his neighbors.  Another night, noises are coming from the same townhouse.   Check out the neighbors’ response:

2 thoughts on “South African Ad on Domestic Abuse Unbelievable”

  1. Powerful ad!!

    side note: Thanks for making me click through 3 pages just to watch a video on your site. Nice knowing ya.

  2. This should run on tv like those political ads do during elections or at least the same as informercials.

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