Man Arrested in Argentina for Having 10 Children with His Daughter

This is the sickest story to hit the news since the guy in Austria that raped his daughter and fathered all of her children while keeping them all confined in a makeshift dungeon. This sick man in Argentina fathered 10 children by his own daughter and raped her for 30 years.  The situation was so awful that the oldest of the children committed suicide after finding out his grandfather was his father, according to CNN.

According to the judge who heard the case, Judge Virgilio Palud, “sexual abuse is common currency in the north of Santa Fe.” There were other similar sexual abuse cases north of Santa Fe’s province.  But while that may be true, Palud depicted this case as being worse than the “Monster of Austria”, Josef Fritzl.

How sick can one individual be?  You can’t get anyone else, so you go after your daughter?  These women’s lives will be broken forever.  As one pedophile told Oprah, “I killed who she could’ve been.”  May they burn in hell.  If you can, you can read more of this story here.

-J.C. Brooks

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