L.A. Gives Out Heavy Fine for Jaywalking

Los Angeles has the nerve to enforce their jaywalking laws with everything else they could be doing! The city could use a few less homicides.  Why would they start to focus on jaywalking when there’s tremendous money to be made in the temporary bail money?  

The L.A. Times reported that L.A. police Lt.Paul Vernon did not condemn those that have been breaking the law, but ensures the community that he will catch up with those who might want to commit a more sinister crime like snatching your wallet or shoplifting and making a dash for it.  But the ugly part is, he wants to get YOU out of the street, so they can nab the next bad guy easier. And they know you’ll stay out of the street if you get a $191 fine.                                                                                 

YES! Nearly $200! The jaywalking fine has really jumped up there ! Inflation must be behind this extreme hike!  Don’t say we didn’t tell you next time you’re out that  way.    Read the full story here and find out if they will accept change.

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