Surprise R. Kelly Soul Train Performance was Outstanding

R. Kelly really made a comeback on the Soul Train Awards Sunday night.  He was at peak performance as he commanded the stage for the entire beginning of the awards show.  It appears that time off has been good for his career because the ladies were yelling and applauding louder than anyone else. All of his controversial dealings with under age girls has been forgotten and he’s putting the audience on their feet all over again. People are really trying to give that brotha a second chance. 

Speaking of second chances, El Debarge is another that has surprised everyone with his performances promoting his “Second Chance” CD that will drop on November 30.  He’s looking and sounding like classic El.

But R. Kelly really showed all of his musical talent from his vocal range to instrumental skill and diverse musical genres that he has reached across and collected together like none other before him in recent popular music. His classic sound on his new song “When A Woman Loves” was even transformed into a finger snappin’ “sock hop” during the performance. He really blew the roof off the awards show with a medley of his work.  Check it out and enjoy.

-J.C. Brooks

3 thoughts on “Surprise R. Kelly Soul Train Performance was Outstanding”

  1. R. Kelly has proven that people want to forgive, as much as we all want to forgiven. I think R. Kelly’s time off has reflected that he has gone through the process of forgiving himself for what he has done in his life. Instead dwelling on these actions, he has made an effort to make his life better and not dwell on the negatives. I applaud his efforts.

  2. after wathcing r kelly on sun nite,i was ready to turn the tv off thank goodness i taped it i’ve watched it every day,,r kelly dont stop,as long as u sing i will listen always have always will ,after i watched the story behind the song it now means more thank just another r kelly hit ,
    thank you r kelly
    a fan

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