Jokey Joke: Bill O’Reilly Reacts to ‘The Simpsons’ Jab at Fox News

The Simpsons haven’t been on for over 20 years for nothin’.  They know exactly what they’re doing. The formula in their jokes, similar to SNL, is to go hard on EVERYBODY! They didn’t even hold back on their own network’s news, Fox News.  They had a hilarious episode last week where a Fox News helicopter carrying reps for Fox News descends to drop them off into the head of the Statue of Liberty for a secret meeting.  The helicopter’s spoofed network slogan is visible and reads, “FOX NEWS  NOT RACIST, BUT #1 WITH RACISTS”.

The joke was picked up on Bill O’Reilly’s radar and he didn’t like it, so he put them on his “pinhead” list. The skit was hilarious to say the least.  Sorry Bill! Better luck next time.  Check it out:

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